Laser Geyser + Flying Disk

LASER GEYSER – Loud Punk da Bologna
Laser Geyser formed in 2006 when Cangio (Nabat) and JJ (Nabat, The Valentines, Tv Smith and Klasse Kriminale) decided to create a new band. They played as a two piece (guitar/drums) releasing four 7” singles and 2 ep’s until 2015, when Robert (Forty Winks) joined the band at bass. In 2018, they recorded the album “Sons of Lightning” in Bologna at Alpha Dept Studios, the first LP with the new power trio line-up. This record takes some kind of distance from the post-punk beginning to leave some space for melodies and vocal harmonization: it sounds like The Replacements, Wipers, Hot Snakes and Weezer all wrapped up.

FLYING DISK – Post HC da Fossano
Flying Disk was born in 2010 in Fossano (CN), a little town in the province, from an idea by Simone Calvo, Mattia Fenoglio and Luca Mauro.

The first punk rock approach of the band changed with the band’s discovery of Canalese Noise and TADCA Rec.
In 2012, the band recorded a demo, along with Francesco “Frankie” Groppo (Wherever Recording). After the release of the demo, Flying Disk has played through the North West and Central Italy, in various venues, clubs, squat and festivals. During this time the band improved their sound, live skills and songwriting, then returns in studio in the summer of 2014. In the meantime, interested about local scene, they’ve been active in organizations of events and live.

At the beginning of November 2014 they released the first album “Circling Further Down”, recorded and mixed by Francesco Groppo at Wherever Recording Studio, assisted by Francesco Martinat and mastered by Manuel Veniani at Absolute Sound; (Co-produced by Vollmer Industries, TADCA Records, Canalese Noise Records, Taxi Driver Records, Rude Records, Dreamingorilla Records and Vortex Records Records).
Between 2014 and 2015, Flying Disk played for more than 60 gigs in Italy and on November 6 2015 they’ve reprinted the first stuff in Cd Digipack (200 copies with the addition of a Bonus Track).
The reprint included the additional labels Santa Valvola Records, Edison Box And Dio Drone.
In the end of 2016 Enrico Reineri joined the band as a drummer, than FD wrote a new set of songs wich will be released very soon.

Trough the years FD shared the stages/festivals with:
Zu, Uzeda, Agnostic Front, Cripple Bastards, Hawks, Elder, Mos Generator, OvO, Zeus !, Ornaments, Lili Refrain, Ronin, Hierophant, Mombu, Movie Star Junkies, Marnier, Dogs Sciorrì, Dogs For Breakfast, Rust, Filthy Charity , Stoner Kebab, Octopuss, Storm {O}, Füsch, Pord, Cardosanto, Cgb, Bad Bones, Levante, White and many more …

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